Cast the bread upon the waters

“BREAD: prime symbol. Try and find a good loaf. You can travel fifty thousand miles in America without once tasting a piece of good bread. Americans don’t care about good bread. They are dying of inanition but they go on eating bread without substance, bread without flavor, bread without vitamins, bread without life. Why?”

Henry Miller
From The Staff of Life

Bellegarde Bakery. Committed to life; bound to the values of self-worth, fulfillment, and respect: to the craft of baking.

The baker, a mere poet, molding the most elemental properties of life through the most pious process. Grain, brick, fermentation, salt,  water—the primordial effort of a passionate man. A gentle lapidary of hand and mind, rote yet regal, profound in the simplicity of its desire. As God gathered Adam as clay in His palm, He blew dust to life just as Adam blew grain to flour, and flour to life. In feeble loaves we create God’s image of Us; we iterate our prayer, our labor. Our labor is our prayer. Today’s dough perpetuating tomorrow’s loaves.

Bellegarde is committed to ideas, not just thoughts; because bread is a process, not a product. Every loaf, every action, every movement is informed by a baker—choice is inherent in every moment. The baker, a craftsman, fulfills each step of the process, just as the process defines the baker. With world-class ingredients and ancient methods, the bread is a testament to craftsmanship: personal, patient, pure.

The achievement of daily bread is nothing short of a petty miracle. Every loaf fashioned, guided, baked, and delivered with confidence. We cast our bread upon the waters of the Mighty Mississippi, weaving the immense history and tradition of baking in New Orleans back into the city’s fabric. Drawing the quilt full-circle; never reinventing, never deviating from the standards of the craft.  There is no room for new ideas or restless personalities: we don’t need more bread without life.

As Bellegarde rekindles the flame of this great city’s original bakery, we stand with awe at the task and with respect for the duty of such a great endeavor.