BUY DIRECT FROM THE BAKERY: Place an order on this link
to buy bread directly from the bakery. Email orders by 9:30am for following day’s pick up.

         COUNTRY BREAD, $10, 3lbs
               Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

       COUNTRY RYE, $10, 3lbs
               Available Wednesdays

       CIABATTA BREAD, $13, 3lbs
               Available Tuesday through Sunday

                stone milled polenta $8, 2lbs
                stone milled heirloom grits $8, 2lbs
                stone milled wheat flour $6, 2lbs


What: Bellegarde is a commercial bakery. We bake everyday except Mondays and major holidays. Our bread is available through multiple retail locations which can be found by clicking on this link.

Where: We are located at 3609 Toledano St. We welcome visitors, but they must schedule a visit by calling ahead and asking for Graison.

How: If you are a commercial account, please email us bellegarde.bread@gmail.com to tell us about yourself.

When: Orders are due 9:30 am for the following day. Orders are due by phone (504) 827-0008 or email Bellegarde.bread@gmail.com