6 September, 2016 Newsletter

6 September 2016

“When God made time, He made plenty of it.”

The Irish

Our emails, once a week, will keep New Orleanians informed about the State of Grain in our city and our region. Bellegarde is the only bakery in between Asheville and Arizona that stone-mills its own flour. We strive to source organic grains that we mill fresh and bake into healthy and delicious whole grain breads. We are convinced that the health issues which plague our city—obesity, violence, mis-education, ecological and cultural erosion—are bound to the lack of fresh food. Food access is a systemic Policy issue: everyday that we bake whole grain bread with freshly milled flour, we tweak one more nerve in the System. And each nerve pinched is our desire to re-establish our region as a self-efficient food economy and re-create the cuisine of New Orleans with fresh ingredients…a revolutionary Gordian knot.

We all speak the language of food and we all seek the pleasure of flavor. What more perfect medium to communicate change than with bread? Pandering to demand in a regional food system is not as important as nurturing supply: quality will dictate quantity. Help us democratize that staff of life. Splinter by splinter by splinter. Time will always teach that the easy way becomes the hard way.

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New Video:  A local videographer, James Owens, made a beautiful piece about our bakery which was posted this week. We are incredibly humbled by the people who made it and who made it possible: our friends, mentors, customers, community (Nina Compton, Alon Shaya, Helen Gilet!). Really.

Because we do not have a retail bakery, we, in many ways, suffer from our wholesale isolation. Having a short “film” made about our work allows us to share with a much wider digital audience both within and without New Orleans. Because we like to think that we make something more than bread, or rather we like to hope that we endow bread with more than ingredients, only so much can be communicated with flavor. It’s a blessing to know how much people enjoy our bread; but the time came to allow people to understand why the bread is so enjoyable. People and process—and not just the people who make the bread. But the entire web. Gestalt. Macro. Horizon. Bellegarde Bakery Video

Weekly Totals: We are proud to begin announcing how much stone-milled fresh flour we are milling every week in our newsletter…We milled about 1000lbs of fresh wheat flour this week and baked 3500 loaves of bread.

E-Missal Hiatus: Graison will be traveling to Slow Food’s International Conference next week. The bi-annual conference, held in Turin, hosts over 5000 delegates from 160 countries to speak about the preservation of our heritage through food, ecology, community, and commerce.  It is an incredible opportunity and we hope to glean a tremendous amount of wisdom as we continue the Policy-level struggle in Louisiana: Terra Madre

BELLEGARDE will still attend the farmers market, but we are breaking from the E-Missal while away. Please stay tuned for some incredible news in October as we prepare for an incredible Autumn.

Slow Food: Travel to the French Quarter this weakened to support the 4th Annual Down River Festival. BELLEGARDE will be baking French Bread served by Dana of Cafe Carmo. There will be educational lectures in addition to entertainment—all events are free.

Bread Article: Very lucid and concise article on exactly what BELLEGARDE does in New Orleans, but explained on the New England Scale. So proud to see our friends and mentors featured in this piece, and proud to be doing our part in the Deep South: Grains, Article.

BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE BAKERY: Send an email to bellegarde.bread@gmail.com to buy bread directly from the bakery. Orders are due by 9:30am for the following day’s pick up.
We are selling our COUNTRY BREAD, $9 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
We are selling our COUNTRY RYE, $9 onWednesdays.
We are selling our CIABATTA BREAD, $12 on Tuesday through Sunday.

We are also selling our fresh flours: organic polenta, organic grits, and wheat flours—stone milled fresh, in 2lbs or 20lbs bags. Inquire about price and variety.

Pickup is from 7am until 1pm.

Soul Food

“In human evolution, then, the existence of language for thought preceded that of spoken language…what we believed yesterday always looks quaint today, what we believe today will inevitably look hopelessly naïve tomorrow.”

Ian Tattersall