24 Nov, 2015 Newsletter

24 November 2015

“He was excited by the hope of gain which, in most men, is stronger than the pleasure of keeping or the fear of losing.”

Philippe-Paul de Segur

Our emails, once a week, will keep New Orleanians informed about the State of Grain in our city and our region. As you know, Bellegarde is the only bakery in between Asheville and Arizona that stone-mills its own flour. We strive to source organic grains that we mill fresh and bake into healthy and delicious whole grain breads. We are convinced that the health issues which plague our city—obesity, violence, mis-education, ecological and cultural erosion—are bound to the lack of fresh food. Food access is a systemic Policy issue: everyday that we bake whole grain bread with freshly milled flour, we tweak one more nerve in the System. Each nerve pinch is our desire to re-establish our region as a self-efficient food economy and re-create the cuisine of New Orleans with fresh ingredients…a revolutionary Gordian knot.

We all speak the language of food and we all seek the pleasure of flavor. What more perfect medium to communicate change than with bread? Pandering to demand in a regional food system is not as important as nurturing supply: quality will dictate quantity. Help us democratize that staff of life.

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No news, no thoughts, no farmers market this Saturday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. (We are baking everyday this week as normal, but are closed this Thursday and will not be attending market Saturday. Bread will still be at Rouses, Whole Foods, St James, et al as normal though).